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Roblyer Middle School



Parent Newsletter

April 2013



Dear Parents,


It is hard for me to ignore my coaching background at times.  This past month I have talked to students about reaching their full potential.  As a coach, I always discussed with student/athletes, the purposes of what I wanted out of them.  What I wanted as a coach was not more than they could give me, but the most of what they could give me!  I tried to explain it to student/athletes by saying that to reach your full potential, one needed to give 100% effort and have 100% performance to be able to achieve this belief. I had a lot of players who practiced very hard, but come game time, they did not perform as well as they had done in practice.  I also was blessed with coaching student/athletes who did not give their best in practice, but come game time, they performed magically.  I explained to both of those athletes that they are not reaching their full potential.


To put this into an educational perspective, one must look at teachers and principals as coaches.  We all want perfection, but more than that, we want kids to do their best at all times.  We try to instruct, motivate and challenge kids in the classroom to be at their best.  We can live with kids not being perfect, but we always want the best out of that student, whether it is A, B or C!  All kids can learn!  All kids learn differently!  What is most frustrating as an educator is seeing a student with a world of potential, not living up to what they can truly achieve.  What is absolutely most gratifying as an educator is seeing a kid do great things that he or she never could have imaged they could do or be! 


I have told kids that they are one of four types of students.  #1- They give 100% effort on daily work/ just do poorly on exams.  #2- They don’t work hard or turn in daily assignments/ yet score very high on exams.  #3- They are not working to capability.  #4- They are giving 100% effort on daily work/ and giving 100% effort on exams (full potential). 


So I ask you parents:  Where is your child at?  Is he or she doing the best they can with what they have?  Are they working as hard as they possibly can?  Are they underachieving?  When you get an opportunity, sit down and visit with your child and ask them to look at the types of students and discuss with them that you want them to always do their best, not Perfection!





April brings to Roblyer Middle School state OCCT exams.  We have reading, math and geography that our state has mandated to give to our 6th and 7th grade students.  It is important that students give their best efforts, especially on those testing dates.  Middle School is an ideal time to lay a strong foundation in testing skills.  That’s because standardized tests help middle schools prepare you for high school and college.

The tests also give parents a chance to know where their child stands.  This helps parents keep up with their child’s progress in school.  Most important of all, standardized test help ensure that you learn what you need to make your dreams and goals come true.


 Here are a few tips to give to your child to help prepare them for exams.

·   Get enough sleep – Middle School kids need 9 hours of sleep!  Do the math, that means to get to school by 7:30, kids need to be asleep by 9:30.  How to help= don’t watch TV right before bed, exercise, don’t drink caffeine late, read, and do all these things consistently.

·   Eat healthy foods –


We are playing “Minute to Win It” games during our morning assembly to review for our state CRT exams.  I hope your child has enjoyed the fun we have had putting on these games/competitions on in the mornings in the hope of our students scoring more proficient on exams. 


Ms. Melissa Lewis, our 6th Grade Math/Lang .Arts Teacher, has been named Roblyer Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2012-13. This is an outstanding and tremendous honor for Ms. Lewis and her kids!


  April 5th is our deadline for our Relay for Life fundraiser.  Donate $1 to have your student put up a name of a friend or family member on our Wall of Fame.  We have a lot of families who have been affected by cancer in some way.  This is a great outreach for our kids to look past themselves and give to a worthy cause.  * I have attached inside this letter also, a flyer for the Fundraiser on April 26th at Jenks-Simmons Field House.

There will be no school Friday April 26th.

  * I have attached a schedule for our exam dates for you to remind your son/daughter about our state exams.


If you have any questions, concerns or praise, please feel free to contact me at anytime.  My number is 262-2700, or email me at







Jason Pennington





Whenever given the opportunity, please read aloud to your child, or read with your student.  Reading opens up so many doors.  Modeling is one of the most powerful tools to turn your child into a life long reader!  Do they see you read?  What do you model?