Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Mrs. Lana Miller, teacher at Roblyer Learning Center, was a passenger on the cruise ship, Carnival Magic, where a lab technician from Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was quarantined due to possible exposure to the Ebola virus.  Mrs. Miller has not returned to Roblyer as of today [Monday, October 20, 2014].

As far as the District is aware there were no other students or staff on the cruise ship, Carnival Magic.  The District will continue its strict policy of sanitation and prevention, and urges all students, staff, faculty, and employees to wash their hands as often as possible to prepare for the upcoming flue and virus season.

In a conversation today between El Reno Public Schools Superintendent Craig McVay and Lacey Kovar, M.P.H., epidemiologist in the Communicable Disease Division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Ms. Kovar stated, "The CDC [Center for Disease Control] has cleared all passengers and the lab technician aboard the Carnival Magic."