RMS Classroom Expectations



How Class Begins

1.   Students will enter room quietly, ready to learn, sit in assigned seat, and begin working on POD.  Teachers will greet students at door with Magic Triad, ready to teach.

When Teachers Are Teaching

2.  Students are to be actively engaged in listening to teacher, sitting in assigned seat, and engaging in the assignment.  Teachers are delivering lessons that involve all types of learners, all students in a variety of methods.

When Students Are Learning

3.  Students should be engaged in working independently or collaboratively.  Teachers are using proximity to ensure students are on task, capturing students’ attention.

How Class Ends

4.  Students will pick up trash around desks, push chairs in and wait quietly until dismissed by teacher in assigned seat.  Teachers are summarizing, adding closure to lesson, checking students work, cleanliness and dismissing students quietly.