Friday, July 31, 2015

About Etta Dale Junior High


Etta Dale Junior High is comprised of 3 buildings.  The main building was built in 1937, then the Marsh Memorial building was added in 1957, and finally Lucus Memorial Hall was constructed in 1967.  Etta Dale Junior High serves 8th and 9th grade students.  Presently, Etta Dale serves approximately 400 students with 37 faculty and staff members.

The Women and Men Behind the Name

Etta Dale Junior High

Miss Etta Dale was a teacher and principal in the El Reno Public Schools for 52 years (1892-1944).  She was a truly great teacher who inspired literally thousands of young people by precept and example. As a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and many honored societies, she was applauded by a grateful citizenship for her achievements while she was yet living by the naming of this school structure in her honor and by commissioning an eminent artist to do a portrait in oils to emphasize her identity with the building that bears her name. Her capacity for love and understanding sustained all who lived within her sphere of influence. Certainly no more distinguished citizen ever resided in El Reno and her name will always be spoken with tenderness and love by all who knew her.

Walter P. Marsh Memorial Building

Walter P. Marsh served as principal of El Reno High School for 23 years (1935-1958).  He is most fondly remembered by students as he lead the students in a yell called "The Sausage Grinder".

Lucus Memorial Hall

This addition was named in honor Lieutenant John Leon Lucus.  He was the first Canadian Country resident to give his life in World War II.  This was the second hall to have been named for Lt. Lucus.  The first was erected in 1944 at Fort Reno.  When World War II ended and buildings at the fort were torn down, Lucus Hall was among them.  The materials from that building were given to the El Reno school system to be used in its building expansion program.