Friday, August 1, 2014


Hillcrest Elementary Library

Pre-K and Kindergarten Center


Happy New Year!

Cynthia Bennett - Librarian

Sara Crawford - Assistant



We want to welcome you to the Hillcrest Library.  If you have any questions or concerns.  Please contact us!

Cynthia Bennett

Contact Ms. Bennett



Mission Statement


The mission of Hillcrest Elementary Library is to provide a productive and positive learning community for students, a cooperative working environment for educators, in an aesthetic and welcoming setting.  This mission is accomplished:


 * by providing collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students

 * by providing quality resources to staff for classroom curricula

 * encouraging educators and students to become dynamic users of ideas and information

 * promote life-long interest in reading for both pleasure and information




Readers Choice Blog

I have created a Blog to discuss books that we have read.  I know that there are several readers on the staff and I would love for us to share the books that we have read with each other!  The address is