Tuesday, July 22, 2014

El Reno Board of Education



School Board Offices:



VACANT  Office #1
Term Expires:  2016
Home Address: 
Home Phone: 

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VACANT Office #2
Term Expires: 2017
Home Address: 
Home Phone:  

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Ms. Tricia  Hobson, Member, Office #3
Term Expires:  2018
Home Address:  805 Fairfax Lane
Home Phone:  262-7719
Occupation:  Student Services Director

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Mr. Steven Jensen, President, Office #4
Term Expires:  2014
Home Address: 707 S. Hoff
Home Phone:  262-8096
Occupation:  Farmer/Rancher

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Dr. Dorrie Parrott, Member, Office #5
Term Expires:  2015
Home Address:  704 N. Reformatory Dr.
Home Phone:  295-2195
Occupation:  Veterinarian

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