Thursday, July 24, 2014

 Some common questions we have been receiving and the answers to go with them.

 *  Freshmen Mixer.....

When is it?   The Mixer will be on Friday, April 25 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.

Where is it? The Mixer will be held in the Etta Dale Activity Center.

Who may attend?   Any Etta Dale Freshmen who is in good academic and

disciplinary standing may attend.  No outside guests or 

El Reno students who are NOT currently Freshmen.

How much does it cost?  The Mixer costs $8.00 for a couple and $5.00 for singles.

Students will pay at the door as they enter.

Do student athletes need a physical to practice?

 Yes..all students athletes must have a physical on file with their Head Coach before they can participate in practice. Students may get a physical form from their coach or the school.  They will need to arrange an appointment with their family doctor.  It is highly reccomended you make a copy of your physical to keep before turning it in.

*  We are new to Etta Dale.  How do we drop students off in the morning?

1st hour will begin on Thursday, Aug 16th at 8:10.  All students who arrive before 8:10 may go to the cafeteria for breakfast or report to the gym to wait.  Once students arrive on campus, they will not be allowed to leave.  Students may be dropped off on either side of Etta Dale, however, once dropped off, they should proceed to the appropriate destination.

 *  What is study hall/remediation?

Study hall/remediation is a 20 minute period before school starting at 7:45 and lasting until 8:05.  It is designed to help students who have fallen behind or are having difficulty grasping a concept or skill.  Students may voluntarily attend any teachers classroom for study hall daily.  Study hall is mandatory for students who are failing and teachers may assign students if they need extra help.

When is school dismissed?

Etta Dale dismisses students daily at 3:25.  Students riding the bus will wait inside Central Grounds.  Students who walk home should leave campus promptly.  Students may be picked up on the East and West sides of the Etta Dale campus.  To avoid the high traffic area on Bickford, the West and South sides might be easier.


 * How can I check my students grades?

  Parents may use the Power School Parent Portal to check student grades.  Students may also use the same process to keep up with their grades and assignments.  If you need help with this or need your user name and password, please contact Mrs. Meyerhoeffer at 262-4291.

If you have questions of your own, please call the Etta Dale office at 262-3253.  We will be happy to assist you.