Friday, July 31, 2015
As we approach Thanksgiving, I feel the need to express my thanks for the many wonderful people who make Etta Dale a great place to be. Our teachers do a wonderful job daily creating a strong learning environment for our students. They meet and team to align our curriculum, to discuss strategies and techniques, and work tirelessly to ensure our student's learning experience is positive and productive. Teachers, thank you so much for your efforts, you are most definitely appreciated. Our support personnel work to ensure Etta Dale functions seamlessly daily and that our order and structure are intact. I am also so very thankful for our parents who have chosen the responsibility of overseeing their child's education and are partners with our teachers in each classroom's learning activities. Research clearly indicates the overwhelming impact a parent's involvement can have in children's academic growth. To our Central Administration and School Board, thank you for supporting us and making the difficult decisions that must be made to move our school, district, and community forward. I would, however, be remiss if I didn't thank our students for their efforts each day. As adults, we surely are aware of the challenges our children face. I fully appreciate and am thankful for the effort they give daily to master skills and concepts to become successful members of the 21st Century. Our students today are our leaders of tomorrow. So please join me as you pass them in the halls, or see them at ballgames, or the store, or movie theater, for accepting the challenge of becoming the best they can be and staying committed to their education. I am thankful and blessed to be a part of Etta Dale Jr High, the El Reno Public School system, and the community of El Reno at large! GO INDIANS!!!!!